Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Depressed ! I hate you badly !

I just wan to shout out all the bad things. !
                                                             * forgive me for my rude*

"F" aunty ! What you want can you please inform before the incident happen. How I know if you don't say, please don't expect I know what the procedure. Thing happen you may not have chance to escape on the responsibility as well. Coz you are one of the person who educate and send us the right info. or else what the point u sit on here. *Rubbish*

If the thing was so important to you, why you not follow up on the matter. For me, I don't think is important to me at all, I have done my part. THATS ALL.!

If the case go worst, I and you will need to responsible, you will never be the victim.

Why we need to look at your face, you here supposed to support us on the work progress. You thought who you are. You really not important at all. Without you we are still survive.

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